Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I forgot what snow looked like. True snow...all 48" inches...give or take. So we spent Thanksgiving in Spokane with my Brother and sister in-law and their kids. It was so much fun. I love holidays, and I love spending them with family. We had amazing food, Andrew and Lyle built an igloo, the boys played Lego StarWars (which they still talk about). We cooked, watched movies, played in the snow, ate treats and played games. I am so Thankful for lot's of things, but what a blessing family is!


Seth and Natalie said...

I love that you're posting Thanksgiving now. That is a ton of snow! I really like how cute your boys are in their turkey hats.

Christensenfamily said...

We would love to see you guys when you come out! Brad is just dying to hang out with Andrew! We'll definately have to plan on getting together in July. We miss seeing you guys and your cute little family.