Saturday, December 5, 2009


Thanksgiving morning Andrew went and played in our Ward's "Turkey Bowl" he came home covered in mud, head to toe! He was bruised and worn out, by the time he got home! He hasn't been able to walk all that well for the last few days. Why does he do that to himself? We then had Thanksgiving with just our little family of 5. It was fun though! We made appetizers for the boys, we had 7 layer dip, brie with brown sugar and nut topping, and a veggie platter! Then we watched movies, took naps while the turkey cooked and Andrew made deliscious potatoes! I was so exhausted from all that cooking, I was too tired to make pie! Imagine that, a Thanksgiving without pie! The next night our friends the Andrew's who live up in our old ward in Seattle, invited us over for an after Thanksgiving turkey dinner, and Kelly made a huge spread of food! The boys made turkey hats and gingerbread houses and we watched Disney's UP, if you haven't seen it, go get it! It's cute!