Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bite of Seattle

A bunch of Seattle Restaraunt's get together and set up booths at the science center so people can come try their food all in one spot. It was so much fun and so good! We went to the booth where you pay $10 and get 6 differnt items from 6 different places. So fun. They even had one of Tom Douglas's eateries there. They say he's there sometimes, but I didn't get to meet him. One of Giada's favorite fried things was from his restaraunt called Lola's in downtown. Still on my list of things to do...but Dan, Genny, Sarah and Darryl all went with us and then we finished off the night with Harry Potter #6. Darryl totally gives us the hook up of free tickets! Thanks Allen's!

The State Fair....

I love the fair. What's not to love? Awesome food, fun stuff like Wierd Al's 3D movie which was so fun! Mutton Bustin' which I'm totally going to have Nathan sign up for it next year! Fun bands, hypnotist's, and crazy clowns. Good Times, Good Times.